Thursday, August 7, 2014


1. It's just a cheap ploy to get people to click onto your blog.

2. It's replacing real journalism with quick meaningless easy-to-digest no-brainer entertainment tidbits.

3. The people who write them are idiots who usually haven't a clue about whatever it is they're writing about and are just regurgitating something(s) they've swiped from somewhere else on the internet.

4. They are a waste of everyone's time.

5. The writers are representing their own personal opinions as facts or "news".

6. The people who write them suck.

7. The people who write them are trendy and misinformed.

8. Who gives a shit anyways?

9. I can't stop clicking on them.

10. I need professional help.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

SPACI - A spaced-out music compilation!

Compiled deep in the Felch Galaxy in the year 2069, "Spaci" has fallen through a cosmic worm hole and landed on this blog. "Spaci" is 69 minutes long, a kind of space-exotica to bring you far-in.. and send you way out! "Spaci" includes only the spaciest music by Karl-Ernst Sasse, Dick Hyman, Peter Thomas, Bernard Hermann, Jean Jaques Perry, Alain Goraguer and many others. To download "Spaci" (for free!) you must pay a visit to our good fiend Dr. Penis (aka The Purple Zombie DJ) over at his blog here!