Friday, March 12, 2010


Yes, it's "Yeti", the end title track from Sante Maria Romitelli's score to the immortal 1977 Italian movie Yeti: The Giant of the 21st Century!

The track was also release as a 45 (pictured above) that was credited to The Yetians! Dig some of the lyrics:

The Yeti's big
The Yeti's tough
But he's so good

He is so big
The Man of stone
But he won't harm you
The Yeti
He is so tough
The man of stone
But he won't kill you
The Yeti

I ask you: does it get much better than that? Me thinks not. And, for maximum effect, while you are listening, feel free to stare deeply at this picture of the Yeti:

The movie Yeti: The Giant of the 21st Century is available on DVD-R from Trash Palace (if you must). You have been warned!