Thursday, March 27, 2008


Coming soon: In this very spot will be the official blog for Trash Palace by Brian D. Horrorwitz at . And in keeping up with the high level of "quality" (ahem) that Trash Palace fans have known for the past 10+ years, I need your help to make this blog the grooviest, ginchiest, ga-ga-iest blog in cyberspace, baby! After all, I have a repuation to uphold (yeah, right!). So, I need your help!! Contact me! Post your comments! And tell me what you would like to see up here! I myself would like to build a forum dedicated to my love for obscure pop culture, exploitation movies, music and more! A vertitable toilet, er, treasure chest of TRASH where I can post pictures of rare exploitation movie items not seen on the internet thus far! Trailers and movie clips that are actually worth watching! And free downloads of the cool, the unheard of... and the BIZARRE sounds from the vaults of the Trash Palace record album archive! Also send me your tech tips for blogging because I know not what I do. And remember... keep watching the screens!