Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Our first tune is a poppy little instrumental ditty, presumably from 1969 or 1970, the full title of which reads "Double Bubble Bath (Music To Read Page 311 By)". It's taken from a way-cool LP called "Music To Read The Pretenders By" by The Joe René Complex on the Philips label. The entire album is a thoroughly good listen if you are into groovy pop music. Another standout track, a funky number called "Rank Out", has shown up on a few other blogs, so I present to you this bouncy more easy-going but just as cool number. Laden with rich horn harmonies, there is a slightly complex middle part that reminds me of some of Frank Zappa's jazzier instrumental works. I dunno what (or who) was going down on page 311, but someone was having a swingin' time! Overall "Music..." is an interesting concept LP, a sort of fake soundtrack for the racy novel that was rather popular at the time. I myself have never read "The Pretenders" but after seeing some of the other song titles on this LP ("Menage A Tois", "Mirror On A Mexican Ceiling") I may have to track it down!

Joe René
According to the liner notes Joe René was born in Holland in 1924 and was a trumpet player and band arranger but was forced to go into hiding as his career was "interrupted by Mr. A. Hitler"! After the war he became a musical director for the US Army. In 1948 he came to the US and went into arranging and producing big bands for radio, tv and recording. If soundtrack-esque pop music circa the late '60s is your thang, track down a copy of this swinging LP and snag it! Mr. René, you cool cat you, I hereby give you and this record the official Trash Palace 'Groovy Factor' seal of approval! Alright.... now click it and dig it!

If the player above doesn't show in your browser you can also play the track on your Windows Media Player by clicking here.

Thursday, July 16, 2009


Sorry, kiddies. I been away from de blog for an embarrassingly long time. However my Blogging Mojo doth returneth and I've been working on several new articles, features and what not that shall be appearing as soon as I finish getting my shithe together. So in the upcoming weeks look for new blogs including: a feature on "The 48 Hour Technicolor Dream" documentaries, movies my parents took me to see that they probably shouldn't have, the world's most insane looking movie monsters, and "Tune of the Moment" - a new feature bringing you some lost, obscure and / or criminally ignored songs from the Trash Palace record archives!

In the meantime, here's another obligatory chimp photo to tide you over.