Friday, April 29, 2011


One critic called this movie ambitious and I agree! Enter The Void is indeed the most ambitious piece of experimental cinema to come along in awhile. And on May 6th and 7th the Landmark E Street Cinema in Washington, DC will be screening the 2 hour 40 minute director's cut as part of their Midnight Movies series.

From director Gaspar Noé, the man that brought you the nerve shattering drama I Stand Alone and the feel-bad cinematic mindfuck Irreversible comes a psychedelic deathtrip that you will not forget soon. I have screened this film for a few people and read many online interpretations and this one really seems to divide the crowd. People seem to fight over whether Void has valid messages or not and there is certainly lots to observe in it. Some find it to be meaningless psychedelic dribble while others proclaim it is a new kind of masterpiece. Some find it intense and others vapid; some beautiful, others disturbing. Enter The Void is not a plot driven movie with a linear story, but an experience to soak up for the open-minded. And the fact that it is being screened in an actual movie theater in these times is amazing to me. I only wish that the E Street Cinema was screening it earlier than Midnight (DC is a bit of a haul for me) but if you are in the area and have an interest in experimental cinema, filmic interpretations of life, death, reincarnation, etc., you will want to check this out.