Thursday, December 2, 2010

HORRORWITZ'S 8 NIGHTS OF HAPPENIN' HANUKKAH HITS! #2: "Downtown" by Al Tijuana and his Jewish Brass

For our second night we have the zany parody of the Petula Clark hit "Downtown", originally written by Tony Hatch, but performed for us tonight by Al Tijuana and his Jewish Brass! Taken from the oddball Capital Records LP from 1966, back when major music labels had more of a sense of humor. (Remember, Capitol also released the Mrs. Miller records!) The Herb Alpert parody album performed by "Al Tijuana" (real name Lou Jacobi) has a bit of a Spike Jones feel if Spike had been raised in Queens by a Jewish family. Got all that? In the words of Al, "Now that's what I call Downtown!" Enjoy!

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