Wednesday, December 1, 2010

HORRORWITZ'S 8 NIGHTS OF HAPPENIN' HANUKKAH HITS! #1: "Hava Nagila Twist" by The Temples

For the first night of Hannukah we're gonna kick things off with an old Jewish classic "Hava Nagila". This tune is probably the most well known of all Jewish "party" music and has been covered a gazillion times. And so there have been many different variations including a well known surf guitar version by Dick Dale. But for me this Twist version by The Temples really kicks out the borscht! It totally swings and no other version I know of comes close to it. It comes from their 1960s LP on the New York based Ad Lib Records label called "Be Mir Twist Du Schön" which roughly translates to something like "Twist With Me Already". Enjoy!

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