Thursday, September 16, 2010


This year's Horror Realm convention (known as Zombiefest a few years back) has a TON of guests from the original Night of the Living Dead and Dawn of the Dead movies, plus John Amplas, star of George Romero's Martin, the lead actress from the recent scat-tastic cult film Human Centipede, and a Basket Case reunion! Plus other horror actors, artists, authors and... wrestlers! There will be film screenings and a costume ball dj'd by yours truly! And Trash Palace will have a dealer's table there Saturday afternoon and Sunday and, yes, Bella Buttons - the world famous Trash Palace pooch - will also be in attendance! Oh boy!! For more information on the 2010 Horror Realm convention check out the Horror Realm website at

Speaking of Bella Buttons: Below you can check out a very brief 34 second excerpt of a video review from last year's 2009 Horror Realm convention shot by some blokes called Visions Magazine. If you look closely you'll catch a brief glimpse of me chatting with blogmeister Max Cheney aka The Drunken Severed Head. Or The Severed Drunken Head, depending on what angle you are looking at him. But more importantly it ends with Bella Buttons manning her own little doggie DVD store. For the full 4 minute video clip check out this Youtube link.

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